.​.​.​Little World

by Far Del Rio

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Mixed by Matt Malpass
Mastered by Don Bartley @ Benchmark Mastering
Recorded at:
- Electric Sun Studios
- Defwolf Studios (Drums)
Produced by Chris Maguire

Photograph by Eleanor Maguire
Cover Design by Scott Rooney


released March 13, 2015



all rights reserved


Far Del Rio Sydney, Australia

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Track Name: Oh This Is Easy
You’ve got pictures on your wall
Of all the things you want and more
You’ve spent all these years proving yourself
And we’re convinced but are you convinced

Go on keep the dream alive
But for some it wont survive
Cause the path you travel is riddled with
Danger and showmanship

Its time to open up
Take control leave nothing to luck and hen you’ve had enough
Just remember

Oh this is easy to do
Cause you’re the star that everyone’s looking to
Oh this is easy to do
When your heart know what to do
Listen up when it comes calling you

Disappointment never hides
But it an direct and guide
Thick skin keeps you on track
Eyes still on the prize
With no compromise
When it feels right, excites and keeps you up all night
When it’s always on your mind then stars will realign

Do what you love do what you need
It’s almost like the air you breathe
If you are going to succeed just remember

Oh this is easy to do
Cause you’re the star that everyone’s looking to
Oh this is easy to do
When your heart know what to do
Listen up when it comes calling you
Track Name: Alive
Late night alone away from home
I can't get my girl on the phone
I need that happy high
Till then you'll keep my mind

So warm warm and cosy, beats get'n down
feeling lonely pictures of you that only I see
Doing the things that only
I dream of you your pretty face I’m kissing that familiar
taste of strawberry on your lips
I hold on to you around your hips and I know
Now I found the one you light up the sky
Like the sun in the middle of the night that's a when I come alive

I play these highlights of you in my mind to past the time
When I'm all all alone you keep me warm
How could could it be we go together magically
Is it some kind of chemistry
I get so high on you and me now a
My dear sugar lips I'm missing you to bits
Cause all this time away is aching my heart
I gotta say I know now I'm on a winner how could I be
How could I be so
So lucky

Your fuel for the night
Track Name: Don't Go
Stay a little longer
We got no, nowhere to go
And time to blow

I feel like
I'm a float away, float away with you
Back another day

Oh oh

time don't mean
Mean a thing to me, when your sitting here
I don't wanna leave

But you gotta go
Leave our little world
Look into my eyes
Can you hear me girl

Cause if you can read my mind
On a billboard you will find
the words 'don't go'

Baby when your gone
I keep listening to our favourite songs yeh they're on repeat

My favourite shirt
Is overdue for clean
But It smells of your perfume

I know we are so young
But I think I am in love
The world thinks it is lust
Darling my darling
Ignore what they say
Cause I could kiss those lips
Forever I want you to stay
Track Name: Believe
Your so hard on yourself
Let it go your
Don't you see
Worrying never helps
And pressure just
Makes it hard
Harder to believe
That the one you need
May be close
It takes a moment
Short moment in time
And your on that high

Just believe
Cause it will come
Just believe
That there's someone
Looking for you

Feel good
cause there's nothing to worry bout
Take a breath and take your time
If you need
You cannot make a flower grow
Any faster it blooms when it's ready
Your in season
So colourful
As you shine
As you shine

And believe that it will come
Just believe that there's someone

Looking for you

You believe when the pressures gone

There's no need to put the pressure on
You believe when the pressures gone
Track Name: You're So Lost
Who has time to play these gossip games
I want no part in these charades
When bad news is coming down along the line
I Jump to the side
I don't want to hear it
If you don't mind
If you don't mind

But feel free to join the que
Of things I don't want to deal with
Cause bad news follows you around
Whenever your in town now
Like an idibidi spider catching flies
I won't get caught in a web of lies
Who has the time, who has the time
No no I don't

Your Caught knee deep in gossip creek
With idol hands and the dirt you speak
Row boats a with their paddles at the side
Are leaving you behind
We're happy to help if you need a ride
But you must decide
And if you don't

You think I need a good excuse but the truth is I really don't
Ill never by into this
But I never will no I won't

If you don't have nothing nice to say
Do us all a courtesy be on your merry way
Cause I'm running low on good wishes and good will
My patience has slowly withered down to nil
Now anytime a somebody mentions your name
I think about the petty games you like to play
Maybe you won but your so lost